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November 17 (Sun)  6:20 AM- Hee Haw Ryder Cup
Format: Team Better Ball  at LAKEWOOD COUNTRY CLUB
<memo:  NOT 5-somes.  This is a partners event.  Two players make a team.> 
Fellow Golfers of The Wood, This is a partners Ryder Cup format tourney that Scott "Hee Haw" Richards suggested for us.  We will be playing 3 different types of formats rolled into 1 tournament. 1st 6 holes from the White Tees will be a partner’s best ball net at 90% handicap. Handicaps will be adjusted for all players based on previous Ryder Cup Handicap usage. The 2nd 6 holes, played from the Blue tees will be a 2 man scramble with 25% handicap. 2 drives required for each player and play in using our scramble rules. 1 club length in the fairway play from same type of lie, 6 inches on the green until holed. My favorite the last 6 holes will play alternate shot all the way in from the Rocks with 40% handicap. These 6 holes will play in about 1 hour. For purposes of CTP, both players will hit on the 17th hole, par 3, but must use the ball of the player whose turn is up.  We will have 3 Team Flights for the tournament, and all payouts will be team payouts. CTP's 50 points (25 points to each player). When you enter your scorecard in the club computer you will enter each player separately. This means that the 1st 6 holes will probably be different but the last 12 holes you will have the same scores entered for both of you. We will have GIR's and putts - 1st, 2nd, 3rd each flight, Skins each flight, and cost is $69 CC on the website or $66 check/cash discount. Please make checks payable to Lakewood Men's Golf Club.  Mail Checks to Dan Wamba, 4525 Deeboyar Ave, Lakewood, CA. 90712.

If the online sign up link is not there it means that the tournament is full and to pay using your credit card you will need to go to the Players section of the website.  From there, click on the 'select a player' drop down box and find your name. Wait and it will show your profile and in the middle of the page is the title of our tournament which is a link to pay. Just follow the directions given there.

If not paying by credit card, keep those checks coming as noted above.

Deadline: November 16
Maximum Number of Players: 144
COST: $69.00
Contact: Dan Wamba
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December 15 (Sun)  6:39 AM- Shoot The Works
Format: LowGross/LowNet  at LAKEWOOD COUNTRY CLUB

Fellow Golfers of The Wood
, this is the last tourney for 2019. Don't miss out on this one. We will have added cash to all the pots as we always up the tournament payout. Cost is still $69 and $66 for check discount. 5 Flights, CTP's Skins, GIR’s, Putts, 3 spots gross every flight. Checks made out to “Lakewood Men’s Golf Club” and mail to Dan Wamba, 4525 Deeboyar Ave, Lakewood, Ca. 90712.

Deadline: December 12
Maximum Number of Players: 140
COST: $69.00
Contact: Dan Wamba
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Our members may support the toy drive by bringing items to the club room on tournament days in November and December.

The LMGC tournament in December 2019 will proceed much the same as it has in prior years -- tee times about 9 minutes apart with five players per group.

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