Participants of LMGC Hole-in-One insurance
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Find our  description of the LMGC Hole-in-One insurance HERE

Fellow Golfers of The Wood,

The Hole-in-One insurance is entirely your option.

Date for this participants list:  July 14, 2019




Abad, Christian

Harper, Garrett

Redmerski , Brandon, Kevin, Gavin

Redmerski , Mike

Bainton, Terry

Hernandez, Andrew

Reed, Eric , Bob

Holt , Von

Reynolds, John , Roger

Howard , Willie

Rice II, Jack, Jackie, Greg

Rice, Rick

Bartlett , Mark

Isakson, James

Richards , Scott, Chuck , Charles

Robilotta , Bob , Ray , Mark

Rodeback , Ray

Brown, Ralph

Keane , Michael

Rowe , Bryan

Burke , Steve

Kerwat, John

Rubalcaba , Alvaro

Carpenter, Gerry

Kinney, Ryan

Rubich , Joseph

Carroll , Roy

Kowal , Ryan

Rutkoski , David

Cisneros, Steve

Larson, Eric

Ryder, Eric

Curran , James

Layana , John

Schaum , Jeffrey

Derleth , Michael

Leivan, Bill

Shelton , Robert

DeVeny , Jack

Maxwell. Ron

Shimazaki, Alan

DeVry, Steve

McMonegal, Mike

Smith , Kenneth

Ditt, Troy

Menendez, Jorge

Snyder, Jack

Duenas, Jesse

Mink, Mike

Sutton, Doug

Dunbar , Bill

Munoz, Jon

Tagler , Craig

Ederer , Kurt

Myres, Eric

Treosti, Mike

Falcon , Wayne

Noble , Rick

Trettin, Chris

Fruhwirth, Mike

Ortega III , Angel

Wamba, Dan

Gagan , Chris

Parks , Mike

Welding, Gary

Garcia, Robert

Peterson , Daniel

Zylstra , Bill

Grau, Tom

Rankin, Troy


Gray, Ian