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The Wood Shootout Rules of Play

Rev: 5/9/09


1.      Hold 4 Shootout qualifying events in May, June, July & August with top 3 from each qualifying for the Final Winner Take All Shootout the week after the August qualifier.  If all 12 guys cannot make the final, to fill the spots, we will take the 4th place guy in order from May, June, July and then August.

2.      Cost is $5 per man for qualifying events and $10 per man for final.

3.      Payouts are:

4th place -


3rd place -

20% of remaining pot

2nd place -

30% of remaining pot

1st place -

50% of remaining pot

Except the final which is winner take all.


4.      Holes for qualifiers and finals.

Holes for qualifiers are:

Holes for finals are:

1st Hole - Hole #1

Holes #1 thru #9

2nd Hole - Hole #2


3rd Hole - Hole #1


4th Hole - Hole #2



5.      Must end up with 4 Non-Qualifiers on the 4th hole - see attached sheet.

6.      Because we play for money as well as qualifying spots, after the first Shootout, you can end up with Qualifiers and Non-Qualifiers in the shoot out on the 3rd hole.  The closest guys on the shootout to fill up the 4 spots get to go to the 4th hole unless you don't have 4 Non-Qualifiers then the next closest Non-Qualifiers to make up 4 Non-Qualifying spots get to go as well as the closer Qualifiers.  This means you can end up with more than 4 guys going to the last hole but only 4 can be Non-Qualifiers.

7.      If the 4 Non-Qualifiers going to the last hole were not the closest on the 3rd hole shootout, they are only playing for a spot in the final and not the money.

8.      On the 4th hole, if all golfers score the same, then everyone goes to a shootout to determine the places. If 3 golfers score the lowest, those 3 go to a shootout to determine 1st - 3rd place, 4th place is obvious.  If 2 golfers score the lowest, those 2 go to a shootout to determine 1st - 2nd place, the others shootout for 3rd - 4th.  If 1 golfer score the lowest, he is 1st place, the others shootout for 2nd - 4th.


Qualifying Shootout Event By Hole

Hole#1 - First Time                Chip                             

Hole#2 - First Time                Putt                              

Hole#1 - Second Time        Sand                                     

Hole#2 - Second Time        Chip                             


Final Shootout Event By Hole

Hole#1                Chip          Hole#6                Sand

Hole#2                Putt            Hole#7                Chip

Hole#3                Sand          Hole#8                Putt

Hole#4                Chip          Hole#9                Sand

Hole#5                Putt


Tees By Index

0.0 - 9.9               Rock                             

10.0 - 15.9          Blue

16.0 - up             White          

Follow the link to read the subject information pertaining to our shootouts at The Wood.

Players Dropped for Qualifying Events

Players Dropped for Final Event


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