Description of LMGC Hole-in-one Insurance
Last Updated: 04/11/18
 Description of LMGC Hole-in-One Insurance

LMGC offers an optional Hole-in-One insurance fund managed by the Tournament Director. It is a one-time fee of $5 and remains in the fund until a Member makes an ace. If you are fortunate enough to score an ace during a LMGC sanctioned monthly event, you will receive the money in the fund. If you choose to buy a beverage for other Members in the bar as is customary on such an occasion, then the funds will help to offset that bill. This is, of course, optional and is not required.

The particulars of the LMGC Hole-in-One Insurance:


  • Cost is a one-time premium of $5, which provides coverage until a Member in the Hole-in-One fund gets an ace. After that, a new $5 premium is required to have insurance.


  • This fund is limited to the 12 regular monthly tournaments only. During the Member/Guest tournament, only the Member is covered, not the Guest.


  • In case of more than one Hole-in-One in one day (don't laugh -- it's happened!) the fund will be split.


  • The total amount in the fund will go to the lucky/skillful player or players who make an ace.


  • If the fund is less than $250, the Club will top-off the fund to a minimum amount of $250.


  • The funds will not count towards President's Cup points.