Multi-Member Discount
Last Updated: 09/21/17

For those individuals who belong to more than one club under SCGA, <click here> to apply for your rebate forms.

Multi-Member Rebate Program Details

For the 2017 membership year, anyone who is a member of the SCGA through more than one club is eligible to apply for and receive a rebate directly from the SCGA for any dues they pay the SCGA that exceed $55.

To receive a multi-member rebate, the member must have paid SCGA membership dues to two or more clubs in a 12-month cycle.  Must be a multi-member for at least 60 days.

All rebate requests will be reconciled monthly AFTER the membership has been verified for 60 days.  Allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

The SCGA charges $36 per member per club. Therefore, the rebate breakdown is as follows:

·Members of two clubs? They're eligible to receive $17 back.

·Members of three clubs? They're eligible to receive $53 back.

·Members of four or more clubs? The rebate check will increase in increments of $36 per club.

The SCGA will review each rebate request individually in order to ensure that all members receive the proper rebate.

<click here> for Rebate FAQ