Welcome Back
Last Updated: 07/02/20
 Welcome Back to Golf!

Currently tournament play is suspended due to the pandemic 

When we do get started with tournament play...

First, be aware and follow all of the safety rules and protocols put out by government offices as well as the management of the course.  See the Lakewood Country Club's website <HERE>

Wear your mask and stay at least six feet away from others.

To enter the club room, which will be self-service, you agree to wear a mask when you enter.

For Hole-in-one insurance, please contact me, Dan Wamba, with payment before Wednesday, 7/15.  You might check the participants list.  Find my contact information on our club officers page, click <HERE>

Scrip and Checks will NOT be laid out on the table.  An effort will be made to include prizes earned with the scorecard for the group.

Note that the drinking fountains around the course are taped off and are therefore not for public use. 

This tournament will NOT have Closest to the Pin contests on our par 3's.

Do NOT touch the flagstick!

For each group, maintain one scorecard, the supplied original, backed up by score verification of one other regular card to attest.  Regular cards for attest may be obtained in the pro shop.  Both cards are to be filled out, signed and turned in, but only original scorecard counts and is signed by one person.

More to come on dealing with uneven bunkers when rakes are not available.